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Registered under the Companies Act 2011.Loyalty means the world to us hence we focus on strengthening Long Lasting relationships between companies,brands and customers

About Us

Digital Age Advertising, is an advertising company (a subsidiary of DA Holdings)which concentrates on corporate identity of small and medium companies. Digital Age is one of the unique companies that have loyal clients currently, who are willing to explore the products and services of different companies.

  • Our Mission - To build an ecosystem where clients and companies unite to build loyalty and a long term relationships.
  • Our Vision is to be a leading digital advertising company in Lesotho and internationally with the goal to provide our customers with services that meet international standards and to deliver on what we promise.
  • Our objective is to innovate products that unite the world,build human quality and bring awareness of life's most important pillars that pertain to the global economy,health and irradicate poverty in less priviledged communities

We are forever grateful to all our community members, coordinators, ambassadors and supporters who have supported DAA every step of the way.

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Come join us,Tickets still available,Companies,Organizations and Entrepreneurs invited.


Service Delivery 2022

Our commitment to delivering the best services is above expectation the following progress bars shows our engagements in service delivery for the year of 2022.

Digital Marketing and Products100%
Social Media Marketing 90%
Brand Identity 75%
BillBoards and Printing 55%


Our team is powerful in skills that include Branding Strategies, Creative Direction, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Digital Marketing and Web & content Design

Branding Strategies

Your brand matters,stand out to the world and get known globally

Creative Direction

We help you to understand and not overlook the impact of creative direction in your product or services because it’s the key factor that should be implemented in every project to guarantee its success. We help you to keep a team unified by defining a clear purpose for the project. We supply strategic brand direction throughout concept creation, and we can help you to solidify a creative vision to turn it into an effective reality

Digital Marketing

Digital age is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency specializing in social media, marketing automation, SEO, email, PPC, CRO and web content design services.


Advertising is a promotional activity which aims to sell a product or service to a target audience. In short, advertising is a way of marketing your business, product or service in order to increase sales or make your audience aware of your products or services. Until a customer deals with you directly and actually buys your products or services, your advertising may help to form their first impressions of your business.

Printing and Brand Identity

we help you to build a brand, increase sales, drive traffic to a website and to build a community of followers to share and engage with content. We produce relevant content that users will share with their own friends to help the brand to increase its exposure. We also help to increase fans, potential customers and even potential employee when used as recruitment tool.

Call To Action

We fully care for our community and establish sustainable digital products that will change their lives for good.If You are an individual interested in knowing more about our company or a company representetive looking for the right Agency with a goal driven team and community,You are welcome to hit us with an email


We have built sustainable products to strengthen and change the world around us for good.

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DAA has a Powerful team and a strong community together with valuable supporters and stakeholders of projects such as LDC

Mr Molefi Ntsonyana

Chief Executive Officer

CEO, Digital Age Over 13 years as the director for BICTG.

Mrs Linda Masena

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager, Digital Age Over 2 years experience as a Marketing Officer in South Africa.

Mrs Puleng Mohale


Financial Officer, Digital Age. Over 3 years experience, A former teacher, former Office Manager and Marketing Manager.


We are a multiservice offering company hence we always recommend requiring quotes for once of products,below are our solid packages for SMEs.

Bronze Plan

M3000per month

  • 30 Days Advertisement of Your Products and services in our Paid to click platform with over 1000 users,
  • 15 days Social Media Advertising on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram
  • Mandatory proof of purchases from 5% of our premium community users
  • upgrade from plan allowed
  • 20% discount on first 2 months
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Gold Plan

M9000per month

  • 30 Days Advertisement of Your Products and services in our Paid to click platform with over 1000 users
  • 30 days Social Media Advertising on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram
  • Mandatory proof of purchases from 15% of our premium community users
  • 10 Perfectly made posters and /or flyer Designs by DAA
  • 35% discount on first 2 months
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The following are the most asked questions concerning our community and products


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